Rest Quiets Stress

I wrote this poem in order for students to get an understanding of why resting is essential. People undervalue it without thinking of the results. On the contrary, it’s a necessity in life. In order to function properly, we need to rest properly. Getting quality sleep improves our mental, emotional, and physical fulfillment. The main purpose of sleep is for the brain to clean itself.

During sleep, our body uses this time to remove all that waste, and it allows us to repeat the learning processes regularly, even with simple breathing. For, approximately 3 minutes of rest sorts your mind out. This makes you capable of taking down your tasks for the day.


After a long day’s work capability seems gone.

The place used to light up, now they argon.

People say the question is work,  being the very best.

Well, I say the antidote comes from rest.

Multitudes scatter in every direction.

Trying very hard to reach the ultimate goal “perfection”.

While the minds turn and the body produces.

Our thoughts and emotions lose with bruises.

Without refreshing the brain this will cause pollution.

Education is great, but with the price of an institution.

Opinions say to stay calm and breathe.

Rather how is this possible? When we just seethe.

I for one think it’s better to refresh.

This leading the imperfect outside of your flesh.

Including the outside look of nature.

By doing so you are your own legislator.


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