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California Wildfires

On November 8th of this year was when the devastating California wildfire started. It began near Camp Creek Road in Butte County, in Northern California. 153,336 acres were destroyed, including 18,733 structures, and 13,972 homes were lost. But the worst devastation was in terms of the loss of life, 85 people were killed in the fires. This fire is considered the most destructive and deadliest in California’s history. The fire was contained on November 25th due to rainfall, but the search for victims continues.

Even though the rain helped contain the fire it caused other problems for rescue searchers and survivors. The rain has caused the ashes to turn to mud. This has hampered the efforts of rescue workers to find victims. It has also made it difficult for residents to find and retrieve belongings. The effects of this devastating fire will have a long-lasting effect on the area and its residents.

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