Rabbi Moshe Gottesman: The Man Who Lived to Give

On December 4th at 9:45, the HANC High School students and faculty assembled in the gym to mourn the loss of one of the founders of our proud yeshiva.

Rabbi Moshe Gottesman passed away on December 3rd, 2018. He is often described by his peers as “a pillar on which HANC stood on” a true embodiment of our motto: “Character – Commitment – Community.”

His position was dean of all the HANC campuses. Although he held this very high position, according to Rabbi Orlofsky and Rabbi Grun, he formed a special bond and connection with every student he encountered.

Rabbi Alpert, who was a long time friend of Rav Moshe, related during the assembly that even in his old age, Rabbi Gottesman would get on the floor during chagigas and did push-ups with the students. Rabbi Alpert carries on this tradition by doing 100 push-ups every chagigah (or some other form of exercise).

It was that tremendous bond that he formed with every student which made him into such an effective Dean. Mrs. Cohen, who had worked for Rabbi Gottesman for many years says that “The most important quality that an administrator or teacher can have is the ability to actually listen to the student and try to rectify the problem… Rabbi Gottesman was the most compassionate person and was always there to listen.”

I talked to many faculty members to try to gain an understanding of the way Rabbi Gottesman thought. The quality which struck them the most about him was his readiness and willingness to give.

“There were many a day I went to Rabbi Gottesman to ask for a favor, that favor was usually that a student was failing to meet the tuition bill, and could you somehow find some fund money to keep him in.. within a week – it was amazing- somehow the money was there. Even if it was his own money to keep a student at HANC”

-Myra Cohen

Today most people when making a decision think of the benefits for themselves. We live in a world of quid pro quo, a world where charity in its purest form is all but forgotten. Rabbi Moshe Gottesman, as remembered by his peers, however, lived to give.

“His total love for all jews expressed itself in his dedication to helping everyone succeed”

-Rabbi Grun on Rabbi Gottesman’s character

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