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Dear Adam: Why Is There School on Snow Days?

Why should I come into school on a day that should be a snow day?


Let me start to answer your question with a question: What sets the bar that a day “should be a snow day?”

Most days which “should be snow days” are just normal days. The amount of snow on the roads on these days is usually little to none. There should almost never be a valid excuse for why you can’t get to school. It’s a normal day! The busses are still running. There’s usually even less traffic, and you’ll sometimes get an extra two hours to get ready!

“But, nobody’s going to school.” On the contrary, a large amount of students show up to school on these days. It’s actually not uncommon that most will be in school!

“None of the teachers will be there, and those who are won’t teach.” That is 100% false. Almost every (if not every) teacher almost always makes it to school, and they usually teach on these days, even if there are only 5 kids there. Sometimes, they teach more than on any other day!

“Other schools are closed.” So, what? HANC is OPEN!!! The people who make the decisions of whether or not HANC will be in session are actually really wise in how they decide. They wait until it’s fairly certain what the weather will be like the following day. Most other places just close right away or don’t wait as long, and what happens often enough is that everything is normal on that day.

Snow days are real. “Snow days” are all mental. People tend to convince themselves that it’s ok to skip school with all of the above excuses. At the end of the day, it’s rarely worthwhile to skip a day of school. Additionally, it’s never just one day. Once you start, it’s hard to stop.

“Even after all of that, I still don’t want to go to school.” That’s perfectly normal. Either way, your parents are paying your tuition. Go to school.

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