Season in Review: Boys’ Varsity Basketball Edition

Welcome to a new segment I like to call “Season in Review.” In the segment we will be breaking
down the winter sports seasons of various teams. First up is the Boys Varsity Basketball
The boys varsity basketball team had a rough season this year. They only won 2 games and
were outperformed for the large majority of the season. Although this was not what they
expected, the team and coach Pedias can look to the future as they have a lot of young talent at
the JV level. Although that is a great luxury to have, HANC needs to figure out their turnover
problem that they had throughout the season. Having to forfeit multiple games didn’t help their
cause either. They showed lots of dedication to the game of basketball and to HANC. This boys
team has a ton of potential for success in the future years. With more training, practice and
dedication they could go places. Another realization that I had throughout the season is that the
guys do not quit. Even when getting blown out they still fought to the buzzer. In fact, in pretty
much every game I commentated, they kept the game close throughout the first 3 quarters, but
then let the game slip away in the 4th. If you want to win you have to be able to close a game,
and that was one of the big problems for the team. Yet again, I do believe this can and will
change in the future years. On an overall sum up of the season, the HANC boys varsity
hurricanes surprised many people in every way imaginable. Any players I spoke to were stunned
that this season went the way it did. But if there is one positive to the season, these HANC
players have the necessary passion no matter the score and that is a key to succeeding at
everything in life. Although they did not succeed this year, that does not mean the same thing
will happen next year. My team MVP was Gabe Fellus. Gabe was an outstanding leader and all
around player who had the best block in HANC history. Best junior- Oren Betesh: many believe
that he is the best player on the team. He has an incredible shot and that gives him a big
advantage. Should be fun to watch guys like him and Moshe Yardeni next season. Going to be a
fun 1-2 punch. All in all, this was a fun season. It was just not how anyone thought it would end.
By: Jason Floumanhaft

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