Season in Review

Welcome to a new segment I like to call “Season in Review.” In this segment, we will be breaking down the winter sports seasons of various teams. Next up is the Girls Varsity Basketball team. I sat down with Shana Lefkowitz and Chani Zahler, 11th graders on the team, to discuss the season.

Me: How did the season go?
Chani: with went great, we had a sublime record of 8-4.
Shana: Good.
Me: Shana, What was your favorite moment of the season?
Shana: when we clinched playoffs! That was fun! Also the Baltimore tournament.
Me: Chani, Who is the MVP of the team?
Chani: Daniella Rothman, she basically scored all the points. She was great offensively and
Me: Shana, who was the most underrated player on the team?
Shana: ME!!
Me: For real?
Shana: No, it was Gabby, GABBYYY.
Me: Chani, same question
Chani: Definitely Gabby. Shana’s assessment was spot on. She’s always where she needs to be
and boxing people out and scoring important points.
Me: Are you excited for next season?
Chani: Yes, I’m actually going to play.
Shana; Chani will be captain!!!!
Me: Will you play a lot next year?
Shana: Yes, he (Adam Brick, Coach of the team) told my dad I will.
Me: Are you looking forward to being a senior on the team next year?
Chani: Actually, yeah
Shana: Ohh Yeahhhh
Me: Who do you think should start next year?
Unnamed person in the background: Chani, Shana, Danielle, Miriam, and Daniella.
Me: Last one, and this is a fun one: what is your favorite shabbos food?

Chani: My favorite Shabbos food is cholent. Cholent and potato kugel.
Shana: Ummm, cholent….. CHOLENT!
Me: Do you like kishka in your cholent:?
Chani: What is kishka?
Shana: No, unless it’s vegetarian. I don’t like meat so much but I eat it anyways.

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